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    So I’ve been pretty absent from this blog these past few months. In part this is because I’ve been finishing up my journalism masters but also because I’ve been pursuing a few internships at the same time. The rest of my spare time has included a lot of travel up to the Scottish Highlands.

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Can universities nurture a new generation of problem solvers?

There are two major trends influencing a student’s future higher education choices: “One is the demand for meaningful careers: Net Impact’s 2012 Talent Report found that “the potential to contribute to society” and “a job that will make the world a better place” is very important to two-thirds (65%) of workers and students, with around … Continue reading


They came dressed in red

On Wednesday, April 17, protesters came out to Ludgate Circus in London to protest the money spent on Margaret Thatcher’s funeral as well as her policies while in office. I covered the protest for Arts London News, you can read my story here. One particular protester caught my attention (as well as that of ITV … Continue reading

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An interview with Phil Demers, walrus whisperer and Marineland whistleblower

If you’ve grown up in Canada there’s a good chance you’ve had Marineland’s theme song stuck in your head once or twice… “There’s a place I know in Ontario, where the sea lions kiss, so the story goes, its amazing shows and Friendship cove, everyone loves Marineland!” But, since last August not everyone is loving … Continue reading


Experience history says Norwegian historian Odd Arne Westad

It would be a reasonable expectation that one of the world’s foremost experts on the Cold War might be shrouded by an iron curtain of academia. But, sitting in his office smiling with his hands folded casually behind his neck, 53-year-old Norwegian-born historian Odd Arne Westad exudes warmth and informality. This isn’t to say however … Continue reading


Do symbolic acts change anything?

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about feel-good environmentalism and the pointlessness of some efforts. Namely, that of protesting the Keystone XL pipeline and turning the lights off for Earth Hour. The optimistic – and skeptical perhaps –  environmentalist in me would like to believe that these criticisms stem from those who’ve either resigned … Continue reading


Time to wake up

The time has come where I must sit down and evaluate what I want. In a few months time I will no longer be a student, I will have completed my dissertation, and with it my Masters degree, and I’ll have the world in front of me full of choices and possibilities. A daunting prospect … Continue reading


Street Style: Paris

I have finally gotten around to editing and uploading all my street style photos from last week during Paris Fashion Week 2013 This is a selection of some of my favourites but you can find the full collection here


Paris Fashion Week: Dior fall/winter 2013/14 celebs

I had great fun outside the Dior show this Paris fashion week. Slipping in and out of the packs of paparazzi I managed to catch quite a few celebs as they dashed into the show. I’m proud to say, all photographs have been taken by me. My ultimate favourite, Marion Cotillard – french actress, best … Continue reading


Issey Miyake fall/winter 2013/14

Yesterday I got my first taste of fashion week. I managed to score seats to the Issey Miyake fashion show at Paris fashion week, spring 2013. The deep greens, reds, and mustards evoked a beautiful fall day. Check out my shots below:


The Oscars sans commentary

Photo by Terry Richardson . Since I can remember, watching the Oscars was a family tradition. Somehow it always fell at the end of my spring break, and as my sister and I got older the tradition evolved to include my mum’s homemade tom yum soup. But, with no TV and living five hours ahead … Continue reading